Happy thoughts from our healthy satisfied clients

My experience with Karuna has been very beneficial to my plant-based journey. The cooking classes were well organized and she did a great job facilitating the experience. Working with her in a consultative role was also splendid! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about healthy living!

- Audrey Powell -


I would recommend Karuna Diedericks without reservation. She has been working with us for 2 years and is a joy and pleasure to interact with. Her weekly meals have been a lifesaver for our family! Her food is delicious, nutritious and flavorful. The best part is how flexible and willing to listen to constructive comments Karuna is. She goes above and beyond to make sure her food fits your family's needs. I can't say enough wonderful and positive things about her. She is a 10/10!

- Sippi K. Khurana, M.D., F.A.C.R. -
Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology
Clinical Assistant Professor
Texas A&M Health Science Center


I took my first Ayurveda cooking class from Karuna four years ago at NIA Moves in the Heights. Nine classes later, I decided do a consultation with Karuna. She helped me determine what foods were best suited to my body type. I had been adhering to a vegetarian, mostly vegan, diet for over a year at the time of the consultation. Although I was eating healthy foods, I was experiencing a lot of gastrointestinal upset. Karuna's advice steered me towards preparing food in a more appropriate way for me. I'm still a vegetarian, but now I feel so much better. Thank you, Karuna!

- Susan Nerlove -


I was so fortunate years ago to take a course in Ayurvedic cooking from Karuna at the Heights School of Yoga where I was a student there. At that time I was in the early stages of recovering from years of undiagnosed Celiac disease and the resulting gastrointestinal distress it brings. I was aware of the need to design my meals around my type and consulted Karuna to learn what foods were recommended and what to avoid. This was a tremendous help to me as I healed. Because I was working so much, I hired her to cook for me for many weeks so I could feel better fast. It worked better than I could have imagined as I enjoyed the meals, and the speedy recovery.
I would heartily recommend Karuna as a teacher and practitioner. I have been exposed to the alternative health field for 50 years and she is superb.

- Nan Hall Linke M.A. -


So happy to have ‘ found’ Karuna and her cooking classes . I find the classes to be a great combination of (1) intellectual content on Ayurvedic philosophy, nutrition, physiology; (2) behavioral guidance and benefits on approaches to nourishment and nutrition; (3) herbs and nutritional support for individual body types.
I highly recommend Karuna , her cooking classes and Ayurveda practice as a way to change/address how one operates in relation to one’s unique lifestyle and well-being.

- Kimberly, Houston -


Karuna's Ayurvedic cooking classes feed the mind, body and soul. She is a remarkable teacher who makes Ayurvedic philosophy easy to digest. Not only did I learn to eat foods that work with my body type, I also got detailed lessons on how to make some of my favorite Indian dishes. We used ingredients that were new to my already-adventurous palate and examined the tastes, textures and colors of foods.
I learned how food impacts physical and emotional health and about balanced nutrition. And if that wasn't enough, I'll never forget how impressed my boyfriend was when I made homemade samosas, cashew lemon rice, palak panir and pineapple chutney for a Sunday supper. Karuna is a warm, light and a humble teacher. I enjoyed eating the delicious dishes at the end of the every class and listening to her humorous stories. These classes are a gift to Houston. Her kindness and compassion are a gift to the world.

- Rhea Davis -


I had the pleasure of hiring Karuna for two separate events - a private cooking class and a private party. Karuna's peaceful, caring soul comes through in her teaching and her food. Karuna educated me (and my guests) about the value of each ingredient in her recipes and demonstrated how to cook the delicious, healthy meals.
Karuna encouraged us to be on-hands with the meal preparation which added greatly to the enjoyable cooking experience. Through Karuna, I have shifted my thinking to view food as medicine for your body, mind, and spirit - a life-changing lesson for me and my family. Thank you Karuna!!!

- Andrea Youck -


I have tried to ‘eat right’ and exercise for years and had maintained reasonably good health, but after watching the documentary film Forks over Knives I decided that it was time to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet. After making this decision, I enrolled in the Food for Life cooking class with cooking instructor Karuna Diedericks which provided me with the cooking techniques (no oil!) and recipes (vegan chocolate cake!) necessary to fully enjoy my new diet.
Both the film and the cooking classes were brought to my attention through the efforts of Ms. Leah Stolar who has spearheaded the wellness initiatives in our Houston office and has shown me and many of my co-workers that there is a better way to eat which leads to a better way to live.

- Dwayne Bowen, Legal Assistant -


I met Karuna at my first Ayurvedic cooking class. I had a conversation with my Yoga instructor about how I had been able to drop 25 pounds by changing to a more vegetarian oriented diet along with drinking a better water and significantly cutting back on alcohol. She mentioned the great things she had heard about Karuna and suggested I attend one of her classes. I had recently heard of Ayurveda in a book called The Yoga Body Diet and decided to go check it out.
Wow, am I glad I did that! While I still practice eating more raw fruits and veggies than cooked food, I learned how to utilize different methods of cooking vegetarian dishes that cater to symptoms that my body was revealing to me! Given that I dealt with acid reflux, The cucumber salad and sautéed greens with a cashew coconut sauce have been my favorites. Karuna is very in tune with the person she is speaking with. She is such a professional and taught me how to enjoy cooking, which I love to do, without the use of all of the processed nutrient-deficient foods that provide no nutritional value. A great cook can be both an artist and health consultant and Karuna truly exhibits these characteristics.

- John “Sonny” Reil -


Karuna’s Ayurvedic vegan cooking class is honestly one of the best cooking classes in Houston! The food was superb! Learning about ancient ayurvedic principles and how to incorporate them into our daily meals was especially enlightening. It’s a fun atmosphere and Karuna is an excellent instructor. I recommend her classes for anyone interested in good health, ethical eating and ancient ayurvedic wisdom.

- Kristen Lee Ohanyan, President and founder of Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E -


I have known Karuna for about ten years and attended a number of her cooking classes.  Karuna is very knowledgeable about Ayurveda in all its aspects: the philosophy, the basic constitutions of each person, foods and their effects on health, and spices.  Besides having the knowledge, Karuna has a relaxed,  intuitive and loving approach to cooking, and the food is delicious!  She has a good understanding about how herbs and spices interact with foods to enhance or limit their effects on the body.  She is flexible rather than a rule-follower, and her cooking has influences from international cuisine.  Her classes are fun, interesting, and enlightening.


In addition, I have had private consultations about my health with Karuna.  Karuna maintains a relaxed pace, is a great listener and has an intuitive approach.  She is detailed in her recommendations, but has a holistic attitude.  Besides dietary plans and herbal recipes (Karuna makes individualized herbal mixes to use with food as part of the consultation), Karuna also provides lifestyle suggestions such as recommendations for exercise, meditation, or spending time outside in natural settings.   I have benefitted greatly from working with Karuna and would recommend her to anyone!

- Susan Govedare -