Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Private In-Person Classes: 

  • Chef Karuna will come to your home to teach you to cook according to your dosha and food plan.
  • See the Private Cooking Lessons page for more information.

Group Classes:

  •  Chef Karuna organizes group classes, or is hosted at various venues in Houston.
  • See the Events page for information on her upcoming classes

Virtual Cooking Classes: 

  •  Get online with Chef Karuna for a private cooking lesson.
  • Before the class, Chef Karuna will create a menu according to your dosha.
  • You will buy all the ingredients and get ready in the kitchen at the time of your class with her.
  • Chef Karuna will instruct you as you cook your meal.
  • For up to two hours you have interactive time with Chef Karuna, which is extremely beneficial. It’s a great time to ask specific questions about your constitution, types and qualities of food, cooking methods, and your health.
  • Great option for distance-learning or for scheduling at your convenience.

A Virtual Cooking Class can include any your friends and family members you wish to invite.

Contact Karuna (281-546-9698) to book your Virtual Cooking Class

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"I have known Karuna for about ten years and attended a number of her cooking classes.  Karuna is very knowledgeable about Ayurveda in all its aspects: the philosophy, the basic constitutions of each person, foods and their effects on health, and spices.  Besides having the knowledge, Karuna has a relaxed,  intuitive and loving approach to cooking, and the food is delicious!  She has a good understanding about how herbs and spices interact with foods to enhance or limit their effects on the body.  She is flexible rather than a rule-follower, and her cooking has influences from international cuisine.  Her classes are fun, interesting, and enlightening."

- Susan Govedare -