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About Karuna Diedericks


Chef Karuna’s love for natural healing and spiritual development started at a young age in Cape Town, South Africa where she grew up. Her father introduced her to meditation practice and Deepak Chopra’s books on Ayurveda in her teens. At 20 years old, she joined a Vedic temple where cooking and feasting is an integral part of the spiritual practices. She soon discovered that she had talent in the kitchen, and began managing the temple’s catering kitchen. After a few years of cooking and eating, Chef Karuna realized that she had put on excess weight that she was not comfortable with. She turned to Ayurveda, to help to lose the weight. After a few months of strictly eating for her body type (Pitta-Vata), Ayurvedic cleanses, and aligned yoga practice, she found herself back to her natural weight. The added benefit was that she became more energized, strong and focused.

In 2004, Chef Karuna moved to a Vedic temple in San Diego, California. There she was strongly encouraged to take up the study at the California College of Ayurveda. At that time she wanted to become a mom and did not really want to start studying again. She finally decided that if she was ever going to become a practitioner, it would be easier now than after having a child. Fortunately, she found her calling, as she delved deeper into the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. As a temple chef, she found many opportunities to practice Ayurvedic cooking. Chef Karuna easily combined the Vedic cooking that she learned from Kurma Dasa in India, with the principles and practices of Ayurveda she learned at school. She enjoyed cooking for her spiritual teacher according to his specific diet given to him by his Ayurvedic doctor from India. She qualified as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist in 2007. She also became a mother to her daughter, Sundari that same year!

Since moving to Houston in 2008, Chef Karuna has taught Ayurvedic cooking at several locations in Greater Houston, including Central Market and Sprouts. She is also well-known for her personal chef services. Over the years she has taught private cooking classes at events like baby showers, birthday parties and romantic dinners. Each of her private cooking clients have unique needs and dietary preference that Chef Karuna is adept at catering to.

As an Ayurvedic consultant, Chef Karuna has helped several clients reach their health goals. Chef Karuna’s goal as a consultant is to help each of her clients find a diet that is best suited to their personal body type. As a certified practitioner, she has diagnostic tools to figure out what that is. With this information, she creates a plan with recommendations and dietary guidelines. Clients who have followed the plan under her guidance, have overcome digestive and weight issues, dealt with stress, and improved their general health and energy-level.

Chef Karuna became a vegan Food for Life Instructor through the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine in 2011. With this certification, she teaches employee wellness and vegan kids cooking programs. See this blog post about those programs.

Still a dedicated yoga student, Chef Karuna completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training through The Yoga Institute in 2008.